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Board of Trustees Unveils New Strategic Plan

This Snapshot authored by Caroline Melkonian, President, Parker Board of Trustees
On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce that the Strategic Plan (Plan) for the period 2019-2024 was unanimously adopted this week by the Board. The previous Plan covered the period 2012-2017 and was successfully implemented. With the change in Head of School, it was decided that the creation of a successor Plan would occur after the new Head was installed and had some time to get to immerse herself in the school and its culture and further define her vision for Parker. You may recall that in September, the Board embarked upon this effort by convening a large and committed group of past and present parents, trustees, teachers, administrators, alumni, and community members to reflect upon what we value in Parker. Through personal stories, this group affirmed the strengths and successes of Parker’s past and present. Building on this, the group then delved into an examination of Parker’s potential, imagining what Parker would look like if it were the best progressive school in the nation. Participants were fully engaged and energized by this process that resulted in an identification of themes that now form the framework for the Strategic Plan.
Under the guidance of long-time trustee and past President, Margery Whiteman, the Strategic Planning Committee diligently and carefully drafted, reviewed, and edited the Plan that I am pleased to share with you here. In addition to Margery, Laura and I want to thank the following members of the committee for their thoughtful work in designing a forum where all stakeholder’s views were welcomed and respected, and in creating a clear path for the future that includes an excellent program focused on the student experience upon which Parker will grow and thrive:  Andrea Hartman, Kristen Hessler, Dan Leibert, Josh McWilliam, Lynn Schuster, and Amelia Sessions.
The Plan sets forth the schools’ core beliefs:
We believe that students flourish in an environment that provides emotional security and intellectual vibrancy. Because they have been given choice and agency in the formative years of their education, our graduates continue to love learning and be flexible thinkers in high school, college, and throughout their lives. Educated with thoughtfulness and care, our students emerge as ethical members of society who take responsible action in caring for themselves, their community and society as a whole.
The three major goals of the Plan include:
Goal 1: Community Awareness & Engagement: Parker and Beyond. Raise awareness about Parker School in our region and build a sense of social and community responsibility among our students and families. Use the wider community as a resource and an audience in order to nurture in our students an understanding that they are part of local and global communities, with the confidence to take on responsibility and leadership. 
Goal 2: Financial Vision. Pursue a financial plan that optimizes future opportunities for all aspects of the school community.
Goal 3: Programmatic Continuity and Creativity.  Build on Parker’s strong student outcomes and high parent enthusiasm to enhance creative opportunities and strengthen all aspects of the school program.
The complete text of the Plan, including objectives for each goal, can be found here .
Implementation of the Plan has already begun and the Board will be diligent in ensuring our goals are accomplished. We look forward to working with the school’s administration, teachers, alumni, and families to cultivate partnerships and projects for our students with the greater community in furtherance of our goals. We hope that after you have read the Plan in is entirety, you will be inspired both in your choice of a Parker education and in your commitment to furthering our success. Please contact Laura or me (botcmelkonian@parkerschool.org ) with comments, ideas, or networking opportunities. Thank you again to all who participated in this process.
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