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Why are Parker graduates such confident learners?

Why are Parker graduates such confident learners? Gaining confidence in middle school is one of the most important goals, and there is growing evidence that a hands on approach works best. This article from  Smart Briefs highlights the importance of project work at the middle school level. However, “research found that 95% of teachers believe that hands-on builds confidence, yet 4 in 10 say it’s not typical at their schools.” At Parker it is at the core of our philosophy. Parker has been creating an intentional school culture that focuses on the student experience since 1991. It is part of our mission statement-“Robert C. Parker School engages each student in a thoughtful and challenging learning process that inspires curiosity and a passion to achieve, nurtures confidence and community, and cultivates purposeful action.” When confidence and purpose are gained together the result is a highly motivated and effective student.

Want to see this in action? Join us at our annual open house, January 25th, 12-2pm. RSVP on our event page- https://www.facebook.com/events/423469234965307/

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