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Campaign to Build a Smarter Parker

A $700,000 Capital Campaign – WE DID IT!

The Plan for an Addition and Campus Improvements

Making a Bold Move Forward

On the cusp of the school’s 25th anniversary in 2016-2017, Parker is thriving. It is time to make the next bold move to secure Parker’s position of excellence for years to come. The planned improvements will enhance our program and extraordinary building and grounds, bolstering Parker’s renown and reputation. Construction is planned to be completed by the start of the 2016-2017 school year in conjunction with the celebration of Parker’s 25th Anniversary.

The Plan for an Addition and Campus Improvements

Science Meets the Arts: New Discovery Center and Rehearsal Space

rendering_perspective A 3,220-square- foot addition parallel to the gymnasium and adjacent to the pond with direct access to the outdoors will spawn exploration and creativity. It will house a laboratory for scientific discovery and a performance/practice studio for developing artistic talents and communication skills.

Sound and Video System

A new sound and video system will greatly enhance our existing performing arts space in the gymnasium.

rendering_floorplanThe Benefits

These improvements will exponentially expand our ability to establish connections across disciplines, inside and outdoors on our 77-acre campus. The resulting program and support facilities will be unique and transformational, enhancing Parker’s position as leader in science and arts education for elementary and middle school students.

The Investment – Build a SMARTER Parker

The capital campaign, Build a SMARTER Parker, is the special effort to raise $700,000 to fund the new Discovery Center and also make significant improvements to sound in the performing arts area and gymnasium. Before announcing the campaign, the Parker Board, faculty, and long term friends had already donated a generous $450,000.

Parker is requesting everyone in our school community consider joining in building an even SMARTER Parker by being a part of this special effort.
To make this spectacular addition to Parker possible during the school’s 25th Anniversary year in 2016, we want to secure all pledges by spring of 2016. Please consider a gift now, or one that may be fulfilled over 3 years, keeping in mind continuing your crucial annual support.

We look forward to an exciting and sustainable future for Parker – one that continues to inspire curiosity, passion and purpose – and to your generous support. Our Board President and Head recently posted a letter about the new Discovery Center.

Annual/Parker Fund vs. Capital Campaign

Each year, Parker relies on gifts and donations to the Parker Fund to help meet the budgeted costs for day to day operations, over and above tuition dollars. Without these donations, we would need to increase tuition by $1,600 per student to offer the quality experience Parker provides each year. While we are pursuing this capital campaign to raise $700,000, it is extremely important that we do not jeopardize annual giving to the Parker Fund. Gifts for the capital campaign, Build a SMARTER Parker, are being requested beyond a donor’s current level of giving to the Parker Fund.

Campaign Case Statement

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Thank you for considering your donation to this campaign. Your gift may be shared by calling the school, mailing in a pledge form, or making your donation online.

List of Donors

$100,000 – $200,000
  • Cathey Kennedy
  • Mrs. John C. Parker (Margaret)
$50,000 – $99,9999
  • Gift in memory of Mrs. Fernande Marie Berube
$25,000 – $49,999
  • Susan and Henry Flint
  • Mark Napier and Nicole Theodosiou
  • Marlisa Parker
  • Meg and Dick Taylor
  • Margery and Michael Whiteman
$15,000 – $24,999
  • Anonymous
  • General William Mayer Foundation
$10,000 – $14,999
  • Anonymous
  • Barbey and Ned Dougherty
  • Jane Carol Glendinning
  • Margaret and Gus Napier
  • Maria and Harold Schmitz
  • Jean Hoffman
$5,000 – $9,999
  • Anonymous
  • The Koehler and Wilson Families
  • Bill and Kate McLaughlin
  • Janice and Chris Medina
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  • Anthony Rota
  • Peter Stix
$2,500 – $4,999
  • Bender Scientific Fund
  • Erik and Margie Eddy
  • Laura Mandelson and Bob Katz
  • Andras and Agi Laufer
  • W. Carter and Jessica Marcy
  • Michael Philips
  • Jenifer Schmitz
$1,000 – $2,499
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Dawn and Kurt Arnold
  • Monica and Emanuel Andrews
  • Peter Baily in honor of Dana Wright
  • Thomas Campbell
  • Janet and Gavin Cooper
  • Christine and Jake Cunningham
  • Violetta DeRosa and Patrick Purcell
  • Edith D. Denney
  • Fund-A-Need
  • GE Foundation
  • Laura Graceffa and Mark Schlessman
  • Robert and Francine Godgart and Family
  • Anne and Jeff Goff
  • Roger Kieffer
  • Richard Marcy, Jr.
  • Peter Matzen
  • Frank McKean
  • Josh and Kristianna McWilliam
  • Caroline and Michael Melkonian
  • Robert and Jennifer Morrell
  • Kevin and Michele Richardson
  • Patti Sachs
  • Apurba Sengupta and Jaya Dasgupta
  • Paul and Bethany Schroeder
  • Lori Stanziano
  • The Triad Foundation
  • Jen and Russ Wenacur
  • Nancy Wolf
Up to $999
  • Anonymous
  • Edward and Marion Arnold
  • Birgit Asbornson and Luis Leone
  • Mary Jane and Bill Beaulieu
  • Brian Behnke and Saima Akhtar
  • JoAnn and Jim Bennett
  • Erin and Peter Berical
  • Wanda and Ed Budesheim
  • Joseph Braun and Pearl Weisinger
  • Cardish Machine Works
  • Jerry Cosgrove and Judy Anderson
  • Jamie and Russell Crouse
  • John and Nancy DeAngelis
  • Lauren Delaney and Shawn Lee
  • Michael Frontino
  • Cynthia Fox and Russell Youngman with Lydia Youngman ’08
  • Roberta Fox
  • Wendy Kahn and Robert Gibbs
  • Aaron and Marina Gore
  • Liam Gresens’20
  • Jennifer and August Gresens
  • Jim and Nancy Hargrave in honor of Katherine Day Perry
  • Kristen Hessler
  • Mason and John Hoeller
  • John Johnston
  • Rosalyn Kaye
  • David and Linda Kahn
  • Renate and Philip Knapp
  • Rishi Kumar and Amanda Weller
  • Max Levine and Janel Leone
  • Tony and Judy Leonardi
  • Lawrence Linder and Sandra Baptie
  • Shira Love and Alex Grinshpun
  • Michele and Matthew Lindow
  • Veronica Mangione
  • Valerie Martin and Robert Malik
  • Susie and Mark Merrett
  • Al and Linda Meunch
  • Darlene and Geoff Mohos
  • Scott Meyer and Annette Nanes
  • Suzanne and Ed O’Connor
  • Carol and Uriel Oko
  • Kate and Justin Perry
  • Claudia and Shawn Putnam
  • John Rosenbach and Joanne Powers
  • Laura and Joshua Salisbury
  • Stanley and Nava Scharf
  • Risa and Laird Scranton
  • Amelia and Kevin Sessions
  • Lynne and Paul Shatsoff
  • Krista Spada
  • Lou Spada
  • Steve and Cheryl Springer
  • Nick and Vicky Stoneman
  • Deirdre Sweeney and Tom Whalen
  • Dominick Tagliento
  • Matt Vanderbeck
  • Natalie Winne
  • Katherine Wordle and Marvin Fine
  • Christine and Ed Zacher

Other Donors

  • Priscilla Fairbank and Owen Goldfarb
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